I stand for “People Before Politics” and that simply means that America comes first. We have to focus on the United States and the problems here at home. We need to secure our schools and our border. We need to reform immigration and our education system. We have to find innovative ways to increase SSI for our elderly and those on fixed incomes and reform the VA. I am also looking into making SSI checks tax exempt. I aim to bring back manufacturing and call centers to U.S. soil. We will assist farmers in expansion and help deregulate the industry so that there will be no more hungry Americans in this country. We will reshape the truck driving industry as well as the fishing industry by removing excessive regulations and we will start to impose regulations on Big Pharma, Big Tech and other major corporations such as Black Rock and Vanguard. We will bring back fracking, open the coal mines, and reopen the pipeline so that we can become energy and fuel independent. I believe in pro-life with exceptions for rape, incest and potential death to the mother. It’s time to preach UNITY and TOGETHERNESS and stop the hate and division that has been created in Washington. We are better than this and we should never let the government feel as though they own us or are in charge. I have worked for someone my entire life, let me now go to work for you!

Please feel free to follow me on my political facebook page @Hudson for President 2k24, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube @Hudson2k24. As mentioned before, TOGETHER, we can save America and give this country what it desperately needs, RESTORED HOPE! Ask yourself how much your freedom is worth to you and if you really want change in this country. If you want your freedom and the ability to live your life the way you want, then click on the donate button and make a small investment to my campaign. These funds will help us get to your town or a city nearby so that we can meet and discuss our future and how we are gonna save it. We need your help in this historical campaign, any investment will be an investment in YOUR FUTURE!


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