Securing our Schools

  • Veterans who pass a psychological evaluation could take a position outside all elementary, middle and high schools. They would set up a perimeter and secure the grounds from the outside.
  • Schools shall install bulletproof windows all around the school building.
  • Only two entry points for drop offs and pick ups, all other doors are locked from the inside and connected to an alarm.
  • Cameras will be installed to cover both the inside and outside of each door. When a door is open during school hours, the alarm will sound and the cameras will immediately show up to 40ft on both sides of the door and a live feed would pop up on all administrators computers so that they could see and monitor the situation.
  • Metal detectors will be in place at both the entrance and exit doors.

Second Amendment

  • My promise to the America people is that I will NOT impose any infringements on the right to bear arms in this country.

Border Control

  • After spending 14 days between Eagle Pass, TX and Yuma, AZ I have seen first hand what the issues are at the border. I would secure our border by finishing the wall and closing all of the gaps.
  • Second, I would put razor wire down both sides of the wall to prevent anyone from scaling up or down either side.
  • Third, I would have our border patrol agents patrol the ground while getting air support from military drones. We will have eyes in the sky and boots on the ground. One thing’s for certain, we will have plenty of agents making sure that NO ONE comes into this country illegally.

Small Business Support

  • If you are a small business with 50 employees or less, then you would qualify for payroll tax exemption. This program would allow you to free up money for expansion, equipment, advertising or even help you create new jobs within your company.


  • I want to make this process less time consuming to those seeking legal immigration in this country.
  • This also goes for those seeking asylum in the United States.
  • Immigrants would take out a citizens bond and would be responsible for paying $150 a month to the federal government in exchange for working visas and the right to be here and get established until they have completed the immigration process. This bond would be attached to their Government issued ID and if they skip on payments we will be able to track where they are and take them into custody and deport them. This policy will be enforced and they only get one opportunity to get it right. Of the $150 that the immigrant would pay for the citizens bond, $25 would go to the city of host, $12.50 to the county, $12.50 to the state and the remaining $100 directly to our federal deficit. For example if there are 3 million illegal immigrants in this country with a citizens bond, that would be $300 million a month or $3.6 billion annually towards our federal deficit.

Overtime and Bonuses

  • I will work tirelessly to make sure that all overtime hours and bonuses throughout the year are TAX EXEMPT!

Overseas Spending

  • My goal is to make sure that we are spending our tax dollars right here in the United States of America. It is not our responsibility to manage, finance and secure the rest of the world.
  • We need to put money back into this country and should start with our veterans and our homeless in order to make sure they are off the streets and well taken care of.
  • I will put a STOP to the wasteful spending habits and reprioritize how we use this money here at home.


  • I plan to fully fund our military and make sure that we maintain a world dominance with our brothers and sisters at arms.
  • We will continue to lead the way with military technology and also continue to provide military protection to sovereign nations.

Parents Rights

  • Parents shall have the right to parent their children without the school and governments interference. Parents will have full authority over their child’s medical procedures, decisions and education.
  • I believe we should instate school of choice.
  • No school shall teach any sexual subjects outside of sexual reproduction, this includes lgbtq or sexual identity. These topics are the full responsibility of the parent, not the school.
  • No gender procedures till the age of 18
  • Schools shall teach only state approved curriculum.
  • The schools and CPS will NOT work against the parents and their right to raise their children how they see fit.

Veterans and Homeless

  • There are over 500 military bases in this country that are closed! We would like to reopen those bases and use the housing facilities for our homeless vets and other homeless Americans. We would also reopen the business that are on the base so that all residents will be able to work and pay $100 a month for the housing. We will work with local electric and cable companies to provide these services for the newly opened bases. These residents will also have a case worker assigned to assist with all of the other agendas that these residents will need, this will include mental health visits as well as any sobriety classes that are needed. The goal here is to help these people reconnect with society and give them a 2nd chance.